Friday, May 24, 2013

Returning to the Middle East

I leave for Beirut on June 6 and arrive in Jerusalem, via Amman Jordan, on June 14.  
The situation is very tense now from the spillover of the Syrian Civil War and the inflaming of sectarian hostilities in Lebanon's fragile and fragmented society. There is also an increasing risk that Israel may seize the opportunity to widen the war in order to settle its score with Hezbollah or have a trial run for an attack on Iran.

Traveling again was part the reason for starting this blog.  In the past I have regularly sent emails back to friends in the US reporting on the situation in Palestine and the region.  I hope to continue doing that, but from now on also making use of the blog format where I can post photos and links to articles.  If you are interested, you can "subscribe" to this blog through the gadget at the right.

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