Sunday, June 23, 2013

Let them eat. . . idols?

Many Palestinians are overjoyed that a singer from Gaza, Mohammed Assaf, won the Arab Idol contest last night.  It's nice for Palestinians to get some recognition and a little sympathy from the larger world community, but it won't make them free any time soon, unfortunately.
Story here:

Mohammed Assaf IS Arab Idol!!!

Palestinian Mohammed Assaf, a strikingly talented, charismatic, handsome, Gazan with a "golden" voice has just been chosen Arab Idol by millions of fans and viewers all over the world.
Mohammed Assaf's talents were recognized immediately by the judges as he was compared to one of the 4 greats of Arabic music , Abdel Halim Hafez, during his first audition for Arab Idol. Throughout the competition Assaf went on to capture hearts across the Arab world and beyond,  demonstrating a mastery of technique that led one of the judges to assert Mohammed was not only a Palestinian artist but a "son of all the Arab world."
Meanwhile. . .

Gaza Students Prepare for Finals Without Electricity

Amid all the political uncertainty and under extremely abnormal circumstances, Palestinian high school students both in the Gaza Strip and West Bank are taking their final high school tests known as Tawjihi...Yousef Aql, 17, is a Palestinian high school student who lives in the Jabaliya refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip. His family of 12, he says, is doing everything it can to provide a calm and conducive environment to help him pass his tests successfully.
The biggest challenge Aql has to deal with as a high school student in Gaza is electricity cuts. Students are extremely restricted by the availability of electricity when they want to study, and therefore are not free to study when they would like to.

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